SaaS stands for Software as a Service. Thanks to the software, it is now possible to automate several tasks that are performed manually. Here are the top benefits of SaaS leave management system.

Reduces paperwork, saves time, options to customize

Imagine you are falling sick today and you cannot go to the office. You could call in sick, but the next time you go to the office, you may have to write a letter or email and get it approved by your manager. Then your HR department has to make a note of it, send it to the payroll department so your attendance gets updated and so on. There is a lot of red tapes involved. It also takes a lot of time. Most of the productive hours of HR are spent taking care of operations. This is only more cost to the company.

But with the help of SaaS leave management you don’t have to write any letters or email. The application of leave is made much simpler. All you have to do is log in to your account, select the date, fill in a form and click send. Once the application gets approved, your attendance is automatically updated. Your account has all the information that one would need – right from when you joined the company, your profile, contact details, attendance details, etc are available right away. So leave management becomes a breeze both for the employee as well as the HR department in the company.

There are also options to customise the software based on the needs of the organisation.

Access from anywhere

An employee can access his account from anywhere as all he needs is an internet connection. If a company has some people working from home, or from a different location, it becomes very difficult for the HR team to coordinate with them to make sure their attendance and other details are in order. But with SaaS leave management, you don’t have to worry about an employee is at the office. They can apply for leave even on the go, as long as they have access to their account.

Information at a central place

Another huge benefit of SaaS leaves management is that it has all the information you need at a central location. There are several benefits that a company gives its employees who have stayed with them longer. For example, the ability to carry over leave from one year to the next. Now to track the attendance of someone who has stayed with the company for years is a tedious, inconceivable process today. But when this leave management is automated, no matter how many years of attendance you are looking at, you can get the details you want easily, as all the information is stored at a central location. You can easily find out details about paid leave, loss of pay and anything else you require.

These are the various benefits of SaaS leave management. Since this makes life much easier for both small and large organizations, these sell like hot cakes. An effective SaaS Human Resources Management System saves a lot of Capex, so they have nothing to lose but possibly a lot to gain.

Have you tried an online Leave Management System? What has worked well for you?