Activity Feed

Sharing a company event is made easy with the ‘Activity Feed’ feature and it gets displayed to all the employees at one go in their Dashboard. You could make it lively with our smiley icons.

activity feed


Sending messages with a large content to all your employees or to even a specific individual can be realized with CavinHR ‘Inbox’ messaging feature.


Applaud your employees amidst their peer group with the CavinHR ‘Give a Crown’ feature. Spectacle a graphical display of the ‘Top Performers’ in your employee dashboard and what more, you will see a drastic improvement in their productivity and company growth.



Know the basic essential details of all your co-workers with the ‘Directory’ feature of CavinHR.It will give you a concise detail of all the employees listed Department wise.

Power up your HR process with CavinHR and make use of it.

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