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As the name implies, a Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the key performance indicators relevant to your business. The CavinHR dashboard gives a modern, intuitive and complete view of the most important information on your workforce. A dashboard is an important tool for the company to establish a platform where all the stakeholders of the company – the CEO, HR, employees, and managers can access all information online. The Dashboard console improves employee communication, HR services and thereby employee productivity of the organization.

As you log into the system you are presented with a “Dashboard” which provides you with all the key information that is relevant to you on a daily basis.


Any new message in your inbox will be displayed as a quick note here and will be linked to the Inbox for elaborate details.

wall dashboard

Activity Feed

The Activity feed displays the most interesting, recent activity taking place in your Company. You also have the smiley icons to insert into your Activity feed to make your messages more interesting.


Receive instant notifications on the items that require action from you with quick links to the respective screens.

Notification popup
Attendance dashboard


Allows employees to Punch IN and Punch OUT within the Dashboard. The punching in and out details of all your employees gets updated in the Activity Feed.


Get the latest Company News and Announcements from HR. You can set to broadcast the information over a specified period of date and time.

announcements dashboard


Know the Birthdays of your peers that fall within the next 2 months and now you have ample time to surprise them with a party.


Manage your day to day tasks by adding them to the ‘ToDo’ list in the dashboard. You could also share your tasks with other employees with the ‘Share’ option in the ‘ToDo’ feature.


Power up your HR process with CavinHR and make use of it.

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