TechStudio Solution automates Attendance and Time-off Management with CavinHR

About TechStudio

Established back in 2004, TechStudio has long grown from a humble small startup to a fully-fledged technologies vendor serving well-established organizations. Over the past 11 years, they have evolved from providing software development to a one-stop solutions provider offering a range of technology products & services.

Business Challenges

Prior to the introduction of CavinHR, TechStudio was tracking attendance, vacation and sick days through email requests and excel spreadsheets, but knew very well that there was a better way.

“I would regularly get requests from staff to find out how much leave they had taken, or how much was left,” explains Wuyi, HR & Admin Manager at TechStudio, “the system we had in place did not make it easy for staff to track and manage their own allocations.”

We create quick, simple, user-friendly products but the attendance and time-off management we were offering our employees internally was not good. We knew there were solutions out there, but we wanted a system that naturally integrates within our Google ecosystem. We very much believe in the cloud, we live within Google every day and try to ensure all the products we select for our domain to share the same philosophy. A system that works with Gmail and Google calendar was very important.

The Solution

We looked at a handful of solutions but picking CavinHR was a real breeze. “It was clear and simple to implement and extremely user-friendly,” said Wuyi.

Our instinct was right. We initially tried the trial version of the product, with small groups of users within the company before rolling out to all the employees. We launched CavinHR to all the staff with an email and were surprised by how quickly they came on board. There was no training, people used it right away.

CavinHR provides a simple way to manage employee absence without the need for forms. Not only does this save paper but it also saves time for both employees and approvers.

CavinHR is integrated with Google Apps and instantly available from the Navigation bar. CavinHR offers a fully automated system, so every step of the approval process is logged within the system and an employee’s leave allowance is dynamically updated accordingly. “No more missing forms and no more mistakes over leave allowance”!

The Result

The team at CavinHR has been magical! We have had our support queries answered almost immediately. Not only do they make the process extremely simple, but they also explain in detail and the support system is incredibly responsive.

Wuyi adds “I think CavinHR would be a great benefit for any business, especially for a small business that wants automation with a cool interface and inexpensive too. The interface is amazing, making it easy to figure out what works for you and personalize to your requirements.”