Good work culture is created when an organization starts looking at their employees as people rather than some profit-generating machines. Of course, there are certain boundaries for employees but stifling creativity and enforcing a micro-managed work culture does not bode well for the company.

Then people will start leaving and it is a loss for the company. So it is important for organizations to make sure they create a healthy work culture in such a way that their employees enjoy coming to work and feel motivated to perform well. On that note, here are some points for you to ponder upon.

Encourage employee engagement

Make sure that your employees do not feel isolated. Isolation is the worst thing that can happen to a person. That is why it is a harsh punishment in prisons – prisoners are put in solitary confinement if they go way out of line. So in order to ensure that employees engage with one another, you can have regular meetings, get people to open up and share their ideas and display their skills and other interests. Today, automated HR software comes with social features that include self-service and messaging. These features allow employees to query others, send messages and be informed of the happenings while at the office itself, regardless of which location they are in. So it is important for an organization to promote healthy interaction among its employees.

Flexible working hours

Many employees, especially women, have a number of personal responsibilities. This is part of their lives – simple, everyday tasks like picking up or dropping their children from school, going to the bank, shopping for groceries might become a stressful affair if their employer follows rigid working hours. Organizations could be considerate and make things a little easier for their employees by offering flexible shifts. Big organizations follow this today – they mention the number of hours an employee is expected to clock per week. They also assign deadlines. People can come in at any time in a day but make sure they plan their work so they meet the objectives set for them. If you can create a win-win situation, there is nothing like it. Today, HR software also are programmed in a way that they can be integrated with the biometric systems so attendance gets updated automatically.

Ensure that people have accountability to their tasks

One main reason for lack of productivity is the lack of accountability to tasks. If you assign a task to someone they should care enough about it – only then can there be any semblance of good work getting done. If people don’t care what they do, they might do a half-baked job and you might be getting nowhere. There are stories of companies incurring losses because their employees did not have accountability to their tasks. Make sure you set clear deadlines and encourage people who finish their work on time. Reward good work, appreciate people and make sure you keep doing things that promote a sense of accountability to tasks in employees

These are some great ways to create a good work culture. Do you have more to add? Do let us know by commenting below.