Actually, it’s no big secret you see it every day in the form of Facebook and Twitter.

Do you realize why social media networks are such a great success?

It makes every person feel like they are a celebrity. People find their voice on social media. They are able to express themselves easily. They want to be listened to and the social platform is an ideal choice.

It is crazy how receiving 50 “Likes” on a profile picture makes a girl (even guys) happy! You should see how much time a person spends on composing a Facebook update or a personal blog post. It may not fetch them money – it simply makes them feel important. They yearn to be listened to. When someone comments on a blog post, shares a word of encouragement or two, it makes the writer feel so happy. That motivates them to write more, voice opinions better.

The same principle applies to the workplace. Imagine how discouraging it would for someone to slog every day and no one takes notice of it. There are some people in an office who are practically invisible. They walk in every day, do their work, eat lunch and depart at the end of the day. They are rather shy to interact with others. On the other hand, there are others who announce their entry, exit and coffee breaks! These are the kind of people an organization has to manage. And there has to be a standard way of doing it.

This is where HR software comes into the picture. There are several human resource management software in the market today. Most of them come with a “social tool” integrated with them. Every employee is able to have a personal account while they are in the organization. They can update their profiles, post a message, share their joys and sorrows. Work and pleasure blend seamlessly and everyone is in one large family.

Often this social feature enables an employee to collaborate with one another via the HRM software. Even people who “don’t talk much” find their voice in such an organization via this social tool. This enables a free exchange of information internally, expressing one’s views and suggestions without inhibitions. There are often features that allow a project manager or a peer to congratulate someone on a job well done. The message is posted using this social tool and can be seen by everyone in the organization. This person is under the spotlight for good reasons!

Fellow employees can see each other’s profiles, get to know them better. This makes things so much easier for the HR teams. A software product is now going to take care of their job while they can focus more on other quality HR tasks such as working on strategy. An organization saves a lot of time and money through HR automation.

So hurry, and check out HRM software in the market and make every employee in your organization feel important! The best thing is, you don’t really have to sweat to make this happen. The HR software takes care of it.

What has your experience been on these social tools? Do you think they would empower employees to perform better or will this result in loss of productivity? Let us know.