The Challenge

Gulf Company for cleaning & Environmental Services is one of the leading companies in the local market that is in the cleaning & environmental service over 30 years of experience providing its services in both the sectors (private & Govt).

Gulf Services was looking to implement a web-based Human Resource Management System to centrally manage and monitor all their employee activities and records.

Gulf Services also had a need to implement a Time & Attendance system to manage the employee time records, shift roster automation and leave approval workflow management that can integrate with the existing biometric device which was already connecting to the SQL Server database tables where the biometric information is stored. The system was also expected to cater to the office staff as well as the market-facing staff who may be on the move all the time.

The Solution

CavinHR – Super-Easy HR Software automates HR processes that include Attendance & Time Management, Integration with the biometric systems, Leave Management system, Employee Self Service and Payroll. All the features were fine-tuned taking into account the Middle East requirements of Gulf Services. Leave, Permissions and On-duty request processing, approval management was implemented to cater to both the market facing staff as well as office staff. The reserved hours’ calculations based on shift allocation and actual hours worked are now very effectively managed without much of human intervention today.

Employees have access to their individual calendars to view their assigned shifts, view the available leaves, their clock-in / clock-out details, all in/out punches, etc. They can also communicate within the system by entering the reason and details to the various exceptions like the late clock-in exception, early clock-out exception, non-clocked-in exception, and early clock-out exceptions to inform their supervisors and get their approval.

Key Benefits

  • Gulf Services found CavinHR to be intuitive and comfortable. Top management sitting remotely were able to monitor their operations in Kuwait. Gulf Services now runs on the paperless environment with respect to their Employee Records Management and Time & Attendance, Leave Processing needs.
  • Gulf Services found CavinHR – Time & Attendance System comprehensively customized to match their exact requirements so the system is extremely user-friendly for their employees.
  • Seamless time & attendance operations leave management, shift roster functions.
  • Centralized access to all reports by the HR team and Management.
  • Seamless integration with the existing biometric device cutting down valuable hours of work for HR Team.
  • Complete automation and paper-less implementation enabling cost savings.
  • Improved employee satisfaction.
  • The system facilitates HR department to monitor employee performance centrally and instantaneously. This helps top management getting meaningful data seamlessly.