With more than 800 employees, Fast Track Call Taxi in Chennai is one of the country’s largest taxi operators. Fast Track has more than 5000 taxis running on city roads and has a 24-hour fully-equipped call center. It has a reputation in the sector as an early adopter of innovative technology.

The Challenge

Fast Track has a mix of full time and part time employees and runs more than 14 authorized shifts based on different parameters. Tracking employee attendance and ensuring the correct number of days worked was a huge pain point, especially during a payroll calculation time when each individual’s attendance records were cross-checked with the reports from the biometric machine. Fast Track desperately needed to have an integrated HR system to manage and track all employee attendance information, and the ability to view attendance details in different permutation and combination. They were looking for a solution that was both cost-effective and flexible enough to meet their needs.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation of different HR products, Fast Track zeroed in on CavinHR. They were immediately impressed with the products’ contemporary and intuitive design. “CavinHR is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all this pollution,” was one of their HR executives remark after the first demo. Fast Track provided ample support and helped CavinHR complete the biometric integration within a week and we were soon in user testing.
Fast Track required training sessions for their team leads to get familiar with the system. Fast Track’s HR team were able to soon offload different team’s shift assignments to the respective team leads and got more time on their hands to do more productive work.

Similarly, the monthly ordeal of analyzing attendance reports became a breeze with most of the analysis already done by CavinHR. The payroll team was a relieved lot as the reports came on time and employees were happy. The energetic Fast Track team requested for custom reports based on the experience and all reports have become a default now in CavinHR. The end result was a happy customer and nothing could beat that.

The Benefits

“CavinHR was intuitive and provided a comprehensive set of attendance information, reports without burdening the user,” says Charles. “In terms of service, CavinHR went far beyond any other vendor. Their unflinching customer support and innovative solutions have helped us manage our workforce effectively.” Absenteeism has reduced and managers have clear visibility of the team’s availability. Overall, an enormous reduction in manual effort and great improvement in productivity.