Why it makes so much sense to automate it?

Timekeeping is a crucial component of any successful business. It is important to treat timekeeping as an important part of workforce optimization. Organizations that want to demonstrate their ability to maximize the value of every single dollar spent on operations must keep records securely. An efficient and transparent HR team must prove their ability for timekeeping and workforce management by utilizing the best strategies and solutions.

Using the right software solutions is the key to ensure the best timekeeping at any organization.

The benefits of automation are:

  • Completely automate manual tasks
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Reduce and eliminate errors
  • Provide a faster response
  • Influence reporting options

CavinHR – Time Tracker effectively manages your company’s time & attendance data from anywhere, significantly reducing the number of hours required to process employee time & attendance information. CavinHR automatically calculates total worked hours and keeps track of overtime, vacation, sick days and holidays.

Save 20% costs now. Automate your manual log sheets with Digital Attendance and Time Tracking

Manual log sheets and attendance registers are outdated and tedious to keep up with, especially in this age of digital technology. Use CavinHR – Attendance & Time tracking to increase your workforce efficiency and cut down on precious management time.

CavinHR is

Web-browser interface

Online Employee Scheduling

CavinHR – Time Tracker has a user-friendly interface and is intuitive for easy adaptability. This helps managers schedule tasks for their direct reports by assigning tasks and deadlines for a different project and office activities. Managers can review employee time spent in minutes and take corrective action immediately in case of overruns. Most importantly, managers are able to access various time tracking reports at the click of a mouse.

The process is real time and changes are reflected immediately for instant tracking.

Powerful Reports

Now you can configure and manage different aspects of Employee Attendance & Time tracker Reports. Here are some of the reports available in CavinHR

  • Overall Attendance Summary
  • Weekly Attendance Summary
  • Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Attendance Details
  • Attendance In Out Report
  • Attendance Day wise Report
  • Employee Wise Attendance
  • Employee Monthly Attendance
  • Work on Holiday
  • Work on off day
  • Attendance Early Report
  • Attendance Late Report
  • Timesheet Report

Ensuring that the Biometric/Access Control Systems that you buy or already have, work instantly and accurately

CavinHR Time Tracker helps track employee time and attendance in most industrial environments and can seamlessly integrate with many hardware devices. Whether you are looking for a fingerprint biometric device, swipe card or proximity device, we have you covered. We provide an integrated solution that lets you manage employee time and provide accurate real-time attendance data.

Powerful payroll export features

We personally know the stress that payroll processing puts on HR and Admin staff in charge of this tiresome task. Interfacing with your payroll provider is a key attribute in all time and attendance management software. No worries. CavinHR Time tracker has built the interface to automate the process of doing payroll by allowing management to easily transfer attendance and leave information to any payroll software. Our simplified export tool can easily create an export as required by your payroll software provider.

Not convinced yet? Here is some proof from a few customers like you. They say –

“CavinHR – Time Tracker has helped us increase our employee productivity by over 25%. We make sure we give you the best and unique Time Tracker application with a very user-friendly interface and extremely easy to navigate.” says the HR Head of a leading Call Center with 900 employees.

“CavinHR – Time Tracker is the lowest priced Online Time Tracker Software with rich features.” says an Education Entrepreneur having offices in 4 locations and 2 countries.

Here’s how you can learn more about attendance and time tracking in CavinHR.