How important is Attendance Tracking?

It is estimated that employee absence costs employers 40 billion dollars each year. Irregular employee attendance can create a severe dent on company revenue and profits.

Attendance and Performance:

It is believed that there is a strong correlation between and attendance and performance. Employees who are available when their company “needs” they are considered to be more dependable than the employees who might excel in work but frequently absent from work or are not available when you need them the most.

So, Employee’s attendance is an important performance metric and tracking this accurately and effectively is a vital part of any human resources department.

Is Attendance Tracking important for companies paying on an hourly basis alone?

Efficient hourly Attendance and Time tracking are very important for hourly basis paying companies as even paying for 5 mins extra per day will add up to 21 hrs over a year. But it should not be ignored by companies following a monthly salary system. Your employees might be meeting the deadlines and completing the tasks, but once the deadlines are met they may become less inclined to work till the next assignment. Instead, if their time and attendance are captured on a regular basis, it will ensure that they are working judiciously and will improve their productivity and thereby the company revenue.

How to track Time and Attendance efficiently?

There are many Attendance Tracking Softwares available for this purpose. CavinHR is one such solution that automates your complete HR processes and is available on the cloud, ready for use right away.

If you use a biometric device (fingerprint or palm reader) or card readers for access control, CavinHR provides automatic integration with different brands of scanners right out of the box.

Also, many new age companies whose business does not require personal interaction among teams do offer work from home (WFH) to their employees. In such situations, it is difficult to track employee attendance and their productive working hours?

CavinHR’s Attendance and Time Tracking feature can be used to keep track of your working hours. The Online Check in and Check out feature helps your employees track time spent on different activities and update it from anywhere and anytime. The attendance tracking system can also be used to capture shift timings.

What is your opinion on tracking employee time and attendance? Do you think it is an additional encumbrance to the HR department? Is this an additional pressure on the employee to put in the required working hours? Share with us your thoughts.