People are the assets of an organization and who you hire may very well be the key to the success of your company. This is true whatever be the size of your organization. But finding and hiring the right talent is the biggest challenge in front of the HR team.

For SMBs each new hire counts as they have limited time and resources. In this blog, we are going to see some interesting recruiting ideas which will definitely take the SMBs in the path of success.

1. Never Stop Recruiting

Recruitment should not be the last minute task taken up only when a requirement arises in the organization. This approach will not fetch you the best candidates. Due to the pressure to fill in the position we tend to make the wrong choice among the applicants. Instead, if recruitment is taken up as an on-going activity, you will get ample time to accept applications, peruse the resume, conduct interviews and finalize on the best person for the job. This is especially important for SMBs than a 200-500 person company as employees in a small organization have a tremendous impact on the company’s culture and they need to be a passionate, engaged and committed team player.

2. Make effective use of your existing team to help you induct new workforce

Employee referrals make up to 24.5% of the recruits of an organization. So, make real use of the networks of existing employees to build your new team and reward your employees with cash or other incentives. The referral scheme gains authenticity if it is available in the “Career” OR “Join our team” link of your company website. Some companies make the online process too complicated or time-consuming while some don’t work at all. Avoid this grave mistake and make ‘Employee Referral’ a winning option and you are sure to get the cream of talent for your organization. There is also an added advantage to making the ‘Career’ link of your company website work effectively because a quarter of recruits hear about a job opportunity through a small business’s career website page.

3. Good attitude and willingness over skills and experience

A highly skilled and experienced resource who is not assertive and does not have the correct attitude to be an effective team player will lead to conflicts within the organization.
While a resource with the right attitude and inclination to learn, will grow and also make the company grow along with them.

Hiring people with a bad or marginal attitude but highly technically competence and expecting those to change with the training you provide in the organization may not work out and you will have to pay a costly price for this hiring decision.

You hire employees to be ambassadors of your business, so making the right choice is very important as people are the greatest point of differentiation and the biggest determining factor in creating competitive advantage.

4. Always Hire Future Managers now

This is very important for small businesses and startups as they are in a phase of growth. As the company grows, the roles and positions of the employees will definitely undergo changes. So, when you hire candidates now, consider their role in the future as the company grows. SMB’s cannot afford to keep candidates who are not performing or under-performing as each and every employee impacts the organization brand and the bottom line and they are the people who will grow with the company to become future managers. While recruiting, ensure that you identify candidates who are not shy to get their hands dirty and believe that they are critical to building a successful business. Hire a team player with the right attitude over the skills they possess.

5. Make “Small” a selling Point

While recruiting candidates, make sure you highlight some of the below-listed benefits of working for a small organization. This will definitely help you attract the right talent to your company.

  • In a small firm, the contribution of each and every employee is well noticed.
  • They can be a part of some of the major organizational decisions and significantly affect the bottom line.
  • Employees will get an opportunity to perform functions beyond their stated job descriptions.
  • They will be able to acquire new skills and develop a broad range of capabilities.
  • Employees of a small firm have direct access to the top management and the management can take immediate and direct action towards each employee’s job satisfaction and professional growth.
  • Due to all the above advantages, talented employees can quickly advance to senior level positions and have higher job satisfaction.
  • What are your recruiting ideas that can benefit SMBs? Share your thoughts.