Performance Management

Employees are the most valuable and energetic assets of an organization. CavinHR Performance Management System is an extensive and comprehensive system that maintains and tracks information pertaining to the performance appraisals in an organization. The system captures information related to eligibility criteria, appraisal groups, multiple appraisal cycles, Key Result Areas (KRAs) and workflow driven performance appraisals process.

The appraisal process begins with Appraisal Cycle Initiation, Definition of KRAs by the Appraiser, Self Rating by the Appraisee, Rating by the Appraisers and Overall rating.

The system provides extensive and effective reporting functions, provides a snapshot of employee performance appraisal related information.


Appraisal Cycles

The system allows definition of Appraisal year and multiple Appraisal Cycles in a year. The system has provision for defining cut off dates for each phase in the Appraisal Cycle. The system facilitates cut off date’s definition for KRA specification, Self Ratings, Appraiser Ratings, etc

KRA Definition

The system has provision for defining standard KRAs. These Standard KRAs would be automatically included at the time of Appraisal Cycle Initiation. The System also has provision for defining KRAs for specific Appraisal roles. This facilitates defining of the KRAs during the Appraisals Process.

Appraisal Eligibility

The system allows the user to define the eligibility criteria for appraisal process. The system shall subsequently perform Appraisal Initiation based on these eligibility criteria.

KRA Template

The system allows the classification of multiple KRA Templates and Performance Appraisals Forms. The system has provision for defining different templates or forms for different roles or business units. The user can define the KRAs for each template and can also associate required weightages for these defined KRAs.

The flow and setup for the user will depend on the KRA template or the Performance Form selected by the user in his ‘My Info’ section.

Multiple KRA Templates – Flow and Setup

Multiple KRA Templates Setup and Flow

Appraisal Group and Roles

The system allows the user to setup Appraisal groups and categories. The System performs Appraisal Cycle Initiation based on these definitions. The system also has provision for defining the Appraisal Roles. The system also provides facility for deriving the KRA template for an existing role and also has provision for defining role-wise competencies required.

Appraisal Cycle Initiation

The system facilitates the initiation of the specified cycle. The system automatically populates KRAs based on the role-wise KRA templates defined. The system also populates the standard appraiser as the immediate manager.

Description of Multiple Appraisers for an Appraisee

The system also has provision for defining multiple appraisers for an appraisee and also defines the corresponding Immediate Manager as the Appraiser for each Appraisee. The system allows user to associate multiple Appraisers for an Appraisee and also define weightages associated with the corresponding Appraiser’s rating.

Performance KRA Template Flow

KRA description by Appraiser

The cycle initiation completely defines KRAs based on the Appraiser role. The Appraiser can further modify these KRAs, or could add some KRAs and assign relevant weight-ages to these KRAs. The Appraiser can define the KRA during the cut off dates specified. The system provides a draft mode during this stage and the Appraiser could publish the same after the KRAs are finalized.

Self Rating by Appraisee

The Appraisee can view the KRAs set after the Appraiser finalizes or publishes the same. The Appraisee can fill-up the self-rating details during the cut off period defined for self-ratings. The system provides a draft mode during this stage. The Appraisee could submit the same after the Self-rating is finalized.

Rating by Appraiser

The Appraiser can view the Self-rating after the Appraisee finalize and submit the same. The Appraiser can fill-up the rating details during the cut off period defined for appraiser ratings. The system provides a draft mode during this stage. After the Appraiser-rating is finalized, the Appraiser could publish the same. The Appraiser can also specify any comments suggesting the Appraisee to improve in any specific areas.

Final Review Process

During this process, the HR or the final approver can view the final ratings for the cycle and perform final reviews. The system allows moderation within threshold limits defined. The process ends in finalizing employee overall ratings along with the closure of the appraisal cycle.

Performance Management Setup

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