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No More Missed Logins and Logouts! Get Timesheets Management System

Productivity Improvisation Begins with Timesheets Management System

Did you know time tracking is the most basic and essential element for both employees and clients?

Both employees and clients take timesheets management very seriously. Clients expect productive hours and they are keen on getting the most value for the investment they make. Employees value time tracking so much because any individual will start losing productivity after specific hours and they want to leave the office space in time.

Timesheet Management’s Role in Invoices and Salary Credit

The salary that you send to your employees is largely based on the timesheets they fill up and the number of productive hours they spend in the office space. It keeps track of the time they spend on specific projects and the milestones the teams have completed.

Similarly, clients who accept project conditions and agree to pay for an entire team involving delivery managers, developers, testers and everyone else will use timesheet to determine if the invoice is correct. They will calculate the total number of hours worked, development milestones achieved and only when they are satisfied, they will approve invoices easily.

Timesheets Management – Some Interesting Tidbits and Statistics

  • Over 80% of timesheets used by companies in the United States and Canada have errors on them
  • Manual maintenance of timesheets lead to a miscalculation of at least 15 minutes for each employee
  • Over 66% of the earning community in the U.S. are paid by the hour
  • A survey revealed that prompt time tracking encouraged workers to perform better so that they could leave office in time
  • The same survey also confirmed employees got work completed in time with fewer errors when their working hours are fixed and paid by the hours
  • Companies face over $373 million in losses because of proxy timesheets filled up by friends of absent employees
  • Over 92% of clients are not happy with how timesheets management is handled and billed in their invoices

A List of Things to Consider When Choosing Your Timesheets Management Software

1. Simplified Interface – The most important factor is that the timesheets management software that you choose should be easy to understand and immediate use out of the box by everyone in the team.

2. Integrated Solutions – You can either choose to have dedicated software for time management or opt for an all-in-one solution which also keeps track of work completed by each team member.

3. Access on Multiple Devices – Employees should be able to log in and view the time punched in on their desktop PC, laptop, smartphones, and tablets. It reduces errors and makes it easy to track.

4. Cloud Powered – Using the cloud as a storage solution is more reliable as there is no way to alter time logged in, missing data and it can be accessed by HR and finance team to process employees’ salary.

5. Ability to Generate Reports – Analytics and reports are an important aspect for every software. The HR team should be able to easily generate reports to find how productive an employee has been.

A Singular Tool with a Multitude of Features – CavinHR

When it comes to choosing timesheets management system, any new buyer will be split between opting for a dedicated solution and a do-it-all software.

What if we tell you CavinHR is capable of doing everything including time management, workflow management (when integrated with Cflow – Workflow Software) and more all within the same software interface? It is an effective HR solution that falls within most budget and the best part is, it can easily be integrated with Google Apps and become a wholesome experience.

Timesheets management has been never this easier and with CavinHR in place, you can make it easier for your HR and finance team to keep track of login hours. It becomes a seamless place for employees to log in their work hours which boosts productivity which in turn leads to happy clients. A win-win situation for everyone including the most important one of them all – your organization.

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