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HR Role in Disaster Management

Flood, fire, earthquake, tornado and windstorm are some ‘Natural Disasters’ that affect thousands of people every year. We need to be prepared to protect ourselves, our family and our organization from these risks. The recent flooding in ‘Chennai’, the capital city of the Indian state of Tamilnadu and the on-going flooding in Britain are some natural calamities our people across the globe are facing now. From a personal perspective there are tremendous losses and difficulties that an individual faces during a natural disaster. Caring for the aged and children, access to household essentials, loss or damages to Continue reading

Will attractive maternity benefits help retain the women force @ work?

Before I answer this question, let me tell you the list of reasons why the women employees leave their resplendent career when they are at the peak of it.

To begin with, marriage and the inevitable relocation has been a primary reason for women to quit work after marriage. Most companies do not offer the flexibility of telecommuting or work-from-home options. Then comes the job location. Most of information technology and manufacturing job locations are mostly outside the city. Continue reading

Process Automation in the HR industry

‘Process Automation’ is the term used to describe any process that is not done through manual or human intervention. An automated process requires less human intervention and is more consistent. In this article I am going to discuss about a department which is considered the ‘Heart’ of the industry.

Continue reading