Admin Features

With Admin access to the CavinHR application, Customize the product to suit your business need.A snapshot of all the ‘SetUp’ features of the CavinHR product.

Admin Features


Add your Office ‘Locations’ through the Setup feature and assign your employees to their respective locations. We do have the attribute to set location specific holidays.

Location Setting



The admin access privilege, helps you define your location specific ‘Holiday Calendar’. You could define multiple calendars by adding New locations using the ‘Add New’ button.


Create as many ‘Shifts’ as you want and define the shift timings of your employees by assigning one of these to them using your admin access.




Your Admin access privilege helps you define your ‘weekends’ or non-working days. What more? you could configure that location specific. The non-working days defined are utilised while applying for leave and for compensation time off.

Leave Setup

You could craft different ‘Leave Setup’ for your organization with the admin setup feature. Depending on the ‘Leave Group’ that your employees are assigned to, their leaves under each category will be calculated and reflected while applying for leave or time off from work.



Review Period

Admin rights lets you define your ‘Review Periods’ for doing your ‘Performance Reviews’.

Performance Review

‘Performance Reviews’ can be customized to each of the employee based on the ‘Performance Form’ that they select in their ‘My Info’ section, based on which their performance review flow and setup of questions to assess the employee’s efficiency is going to be different.



Flow Setup

Flow of review and Setup of questions in your Performance Form can be edited and made available to your employee with the Admin access privilege.


Add all the ‘Departments’ in your Organization and assign your employees to their respective departments using your Admin access rights.




Your Admin rights assists you in assigning your employees with a professional identity or ‘Designation’. You could also add new positions or designations as your organization grows in size.

HR Policy

Setup your HR policy and upload your HR Handbook using your Admin rights.The ‘HR Policy’ content editor has all the features you have in a HTML editor to make your content visually beguiling to your users.



Access Permissions

Admin rights gives you the top most privilege to define the ‘Access Permissions’ for different roles that your have created in your application.


You get paramount flexibility with admin rights of specifying the ‘IP Address’ from where your employees can punch in their attendance and adding your ‘Company Logo’ with the ‘Misc’ link under the Setup feature.


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